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The Global Legends League is a copyright of the World Sports Group initiated with the visionary purpose of honoring former cricketing legends & re-visiting old iconic rivalries and legendary matchups.

Introducing for you the Global Legends League which is a tribute to cricket’s legacy, uniting fans and players worldwide. Celebrating the sport’s universal charm, fostering unity, and inspiring future generations. Join us as we preserve cricket’s history, ignite passion, and embrace its enduring spirit.

Global Legends League provides a unique platform to bring back old rivalries and showcase legendary matchups, offering cricket fans worldwide the chance to witness their favorite players in action once again. This innovative concept breathes new life into the sport, providing an exciting and nostalgic experience for fans and players alike.

The league is the brainchild of World Sports Group, a trusted name in sports management, ensuring authenticity and quality in every aspect of the tournament. The league’s logo is trademarked under World Sports Group, symbolizing its commitment to excellence and innovation in cricketing entertainment.


With meticulous planning and tireless dedication, World Sports Group embarked on a journey to conceptualize the Global Legends League as a premier event that transcends boundaries and brings together iconic athletes from different cricketing eras. The goal was not just to organize another sporting event but to create a legacy that honors the heritage of sports and inspires future generations of athletes and fans alike.

The meticulous planning that went into organizing this League represents a remarkable shift in how sports events are perceived, planned and organized. This League not only promises unending cricket madness and excitement, but it also celebrates veteran cricketers as living legends and ambassadors of this very popular sport called CRICKET.

Our Vision

The Global Legends League originated with a clear vision – to honor cricket’s timeless legacy and celebrate the incredible legendary players who graced the field with their exceptional skill, dedication and utmost sportsmanship.